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Client Onboarding Process

These are the stages you can expect to be guided through as you work with me.

Client Inquiry

You can find my inquiry/contact form here. This quick form allows you to outline your project goals, timeline, and budget. 

Free 20 Minute Call

We will schedule a video call to discuss the full scope of the project. We will discuss the deliverables, timelines of deliverables, and budget.

Project Proposal & Contract

I will send a proposal that includes the details that we discussed on our call. This will include a list of deliverables that suit your project and the quote we agreed upon. Once you approve this, we will sign a contract and I will send an invoice for a 30% deposit. When this is signed and paid, I can start designing!


During the project presentation, I will show you the design process that allowed me to complete a final design that aligns with your goals. You can take time to reflect on this presentation before moving onto the revision and feedback rounds.


We can schedule revision calls and work together to ensure you love the outcome of the work. I include two rounds of revisions in the quote. Extra revisions may result in an additional fee. This is so that we can ensure we're both making the most of our time!


Once you/your team has signed off on the design, I will send over the final invoice. Once paid, I will send over the final files with guidelines on how to use everything included. I will check in with you to ensure everything works smoothly. 

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